A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

We were lucky enough to encounter this very relaxed herd of elephants with this little one amongst them.  They allowed us to sit and watch them interact and came very close to us.  Often breeding herds are skittish and a little nervy and the little ones are mainly kept surrounded, and secure in the midst of the herd.  This little on was still a little wobbly and over excited, and was literally trying to run before it could walk which is why we got this shot on it’s knees!  Great fun to watch.

The mighty Zambezi River is usually fast flowing and furious, and on this afternoon, the water was still like sheet glass, reflecting the clouds perfectly.  The river appears to take on multiple personalities – it is very beautful in a unique way depending on the time of day. 

These red basker dragonflies – kibes drop wing, were around in abundance when the flood gates were opened at Lake Kariba.  Due to the water levels bugs were plentiful.  They are so vibrant in colour and this one reflects it’s shadow perfectly on the pool side.

We’d gone to investigate the state of a dying or dead hippo up near top crossing when we heard that there were some lionesses with cubs near the airstrip – so we went in search and came across to lionesses with four cubs.  They were resting after feasting on a kudu and the little ones were a little unsure.  This little guy attempted to scare us with a noiseless open mouth snarl and then settled into a comfy postion to keep an eye on us!

This is a new spot for a bush dinner.  The fallen stump is beautiful and is the perfect drop back for the table.  We light a fire for guests and a fire for cooking and sit under the stars to enjoy an al fresco dinner. 

Sunrises and sunsets are stunning throughout the year and worth getting up early for! 

This sunrise lastest minutes at the most and the sun then disappeared into the clouds until later on in the day.

Sunset is rapid has different stages of colours even after the sun has disappeared behind the mountains.

The bee-eaters whilst out feeding during the day, congregate in the late afternoon over the water, catching the insects.  They seem to work together to ensure plentiful snacks are eaten.

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