Chiawa Partnership Park

The Chiawa Partnership Park is a pioneering initiative which has changed the face of responsible tourism in Zambia. Established by the Chiawa community and tourism operators in the greater Chiawa Game Management Area, which borders the Lower Zambezi National Park and Chongwe River Camp, it is the first of its kind in Zambia.

Spearheaded by Chongwe’s owner Chris Liebenberg and supported by the United Nations Development

Programme, the park conserves the diverse ecosystems in the Lower Zambezi valley and has eradicated hunting.

Local communities are now direct beneficiaries of all eco-tourism operations in the area, thanks to a community trust. All revenue earned from gate entry to the park goes directly to the communities involved, and all operators pay an annual bed levy, which goes towards the park’s operational costs.

Chongwe River Camp

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Chongwe River Camp
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